SustaiN is an effort to enable sustainable nitrogen (N) management in corn and sorghum. It helps farmers to know how much inseason N is required to maximize yield and minimize N loss. Such practice in a larger region will ensure sustainable crop production practices and improved farmer profitability.

SustaiN is a "2022 North Central Graduate Student Grant" funded by NCR-SARE.

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Conceptual Framework

The concept of SustaiN is built on top of satellite remote sensing and geospatial web application technologies. On the frontend of the DSS, there is an user interface built on top of Streamlit. The backend includes features from GDAL, Geopandas, Rasterio, Planet API to figure out the geographic extent and date input from the user and handles downloading, processing and analyzing the Planet data. The interface can also visualize the result in an interactive fashion.


Watch this YouTube video for a detailed demonstration.

Contact Us

  • Sourav Bhadra (Co-PI)

    PhD Candidate
    Geoinformatics and Geospatial Analytics
    Saint Louis University, Saint Louis, MO
    Email: sourav.bhadra@slu.edu

  • Vasit Sagan, PhD (PI)

    Associate Professor
    Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
    Acting Director, Taylor Geospatial Institute
    Saint Louis University, Saint Louis, MO
    Email: vasit.sagan@slu.edu